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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 3, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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husband were on their way to the hospital when the baby couldn't wait longer. they're all in good condition tonight. >> glad to hear that. d.c. 81. goldsboro 81. towson at 77. most of the locations in the low 80s. the clouds thickening up. we'll seat chance for a hit or miss shower. the radar showing showers south toward virginia beef. upper 70s. warm and muggy. we'll talk to the possibility of fog. talking about the orioles. looks like some good game weather tomorrow night. sunday would be a whole different animal. we got the details on that coming up. listen. you used to play a little
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baseball. that way of life may in the last much longer. roosevelt leftwich with why they are thinking about eliminating the softball program. >> when it comes down to it, the university said it has to find a balance between men and women's athletics. ever since the days when it was called maryland state teachers college at towson baseball has been played. first the towson knights and now the towson tigers. over the years quite a few guys have made it to the minors and even the majors. soccer will go away this fall. >> i don't understand why they would do that. >> reporter: when the email hit campus, they couldn't believe it. they would drop machine's soccer and add men's tennis. en it nice?
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it's a great sport but doesn't capture the heart of many students. >> if you're going to trade it for something like tennis, i disagree with that. soccer is something more people can get into. >> soccer is a beg thing. baseball is huge in maryland. >> reporter: by losing these, they said they will be better able to balance men's and women. title 9 says there has to be an equal distribution. women's teams are smaller. with limited athletic dollars, towson u has to figure out way to stay competitive and keep that balance. >> competitiveness in this since sense is -- sense is having as many sports with the maximum number of opportunities. we want to play person for person whenever we go not colonial association. >> reporter: students pick an athletic program because three like the coaches, the facilities
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and the amount of money they can go to attend the school. the priority will be a way to figure out their futures. >> their academic careers can continue all the way through graduation. if they cost to leave towson and go to another school, we will help them in every way possible trying to find a soft landing spot. >> reporter: now there will be a public response period it talk about this. the towson president will listen to the public response and get recommendations from the new at lettic task force. they had set that target date because they want to gift students a chance to find other colleges or decide whether to stay at towson, keep the scholarships or go somewhere else to play. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. tonight is the night. it has come down to game 162.
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>> it feels like you're pitching tonight. you're so nervous. here we go, christian. >> these guys back here are awesome. even though they are, they still had a tough time managing hits last night. take a look. batting practice doing on. i believe it is adam jones. adam jones stepped into the cage. the pitches he's facing will not be as tough as what he faced last night and an amazing performance. the orioles had the one gigantic home run. the orioles pitchers were talking about the pitching performance. >> for me, personally, that's one of the best games pitched. to be honest, he was as good as i've seen in a long time. to get a "w" out of that,
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absolutely. you come in here today and you build from wins like that, even when they're 1-0. >> will's not that much different youan do. >> reporter: you heard from jim thome. now he's gotten into the cage himself. 42 years old. you heard what he said. that was one of the best pitching performances he's ever seen. yet, the orioles will win. it's omazing. game time just after 7:00. if the orioles can win this one, they will guarantee themselves at least one playoff hem -- game. >> the wild card game will be friday neat at 8:37.
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>> the orioles have talked about their separation, figuring out who's going to play. they could be on the road for a wild card game. what they're saying all they can do is focus on it. we you look at it that way, it's the simplest way. >> thank you. so much on the line here tonight, so we want you to send us your best shot. show the orioles support. you can check out the ones that are already up on under featured stories right there on our home page. >> the clock is ticking. the deadline today for the americanilots to decide whether to walk off the job. if the pilots do strike, it would follow other bad news including weeks of flight delays and inflight maintenance issues. there's another incident. >> reporter: another american airlines flight, another mid-air
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scare. this time flight 1862 was apparently forced to turn around after the landing dear appears to jam -- gear appears to jam. passengers are told to brace. >> when they said assume the position, this was scary. >> reporter: the plane lands safely, though some on board are skeptical because of the well publicized labor disputes. >> some people are clearing and the rest of us are thinking this scenario, was it created or real? >> reporter: it came on the same day the carrier grounded planes after three scary incidents of seats coming loose, even flipping over mid-flight. >> are seats 14a, b and c are disconnected. >> reporter: not sabotaged by
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disgruntled workers. >> somehow in the installation process of our seats we introduced a failure. we don't know if it's a mechanical failure or human failure. >> reporter: he said the airline and the pilots union would resume negotiations as early as today. t.j. winick, new york. all right, you may not like this story if you're a facebook user. what is being done with your personal information. >> how you can help local students battling dyslexia.
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now that the iphone 5 buzz has quieted down, a major apple investor tells fortune magazine that he heard that a smaller version of the ipad will be released. it takes place october 10th. if that's the case the smaller ipad could hit the store for the
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holiday season. is facebook selling your privacy information? they're facing backlash that they're allowing advertisers to target users based on detailed information. it's based on the email addresses and phone numbers use arers post even showing ads on what users search on other websites. facebook is accused of setting what users buy in the traditional stores off line. >> it was a tough night for a former boy bander. that's coming up next.
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dr. john olson is standing by to take your call. 410-481-2222. if you have surgery to remove breast cancer how does that affect you? >> the principal is to make sure the tumor is removed with negative margins. so if there's any compromise in that, there's a greater risk in local recurrence. that local recurrence in some cases is associated with more difficult to treat recurrences that can lead to premature
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death. it's very important that breast surgery be done well and by somebody who dedicates themselves to it. >> dr. olson will be in the studio until 6:30. last night's elimination of
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joey fatone and his partner kym johnson left some in shock. it's tougher than before. fatone did really well, but it wasn't enough to save him this time. now that fatone is gone, even previous champions aren't safe. they ended up in the bottom two last night. >> they asked mow to come back. >> it's a crappy position. we'll make sure we're not in that position again. >> they're going to have another chance to prove themselves next week with the double dreaded elimination and you may feel like you're having a deja vu as the dancers take on the most memorable dances from the seasons in the past.
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all right. a gorgeous day in terms of temperatures. there were some headaches in terms of that humidity value. we did have a fog headache. we don't expect much fog. sunset, 6:45. our exclusive abc2 met work. a generally cloudy little sun tk through. onward birds, a little sun late in the day. bel air all clouds all day. annapolis, a peek or two of sunshine. for the most part this was the deal. tomorrow you'll notice steady clearing. we'll see improved weather by late in the day. temperature wise a contrast. the beach is in the upper 70s. central maryland, low 80s.
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in the mown tans we're not upper 60s. still, by early october standards unseasonably warm. visibility right now 10 miles unrestricted. new we do not expect that plume of widespread dense traffic causing fog in the morning but there will be patchy fog, not that widespread sheet of it. so we'll put in patchy fog beginning late tonight and lingering into the morning commute. humidity is still high. winds nonexistent. as we get the cooling down to the dew point level, there will be the possibility for fog to develop once again. we don't think it's quit as right but a fog scenario or somewhat foggy scenario. take you out, broader perspective. still a big surge. our storm system, week one that it; is still poised to our north and east and trailing fronts off the system. the warm front is. that's why we get the steamy air, drier air and then much
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cooler air will march in for the weekend, much cooler dropping our temps into the 50s for highs by sunday but in the meantime gorgeous weather late tomorrow and friday, dry, sunny ahead of that next shot of cold air. we got a big disturbance to become a named storm. tonight 65, mostly cloudy. patchy late fog a.m. patchy fog. again, we called for widespread dense fog last night. we think more of a patchy fog tonight. we'll clear this out. no fog headaches tomorrow night. the seven-day forecast. the set up is for a lot of changes. gorgeous friday, yes and much cooler sunday with rain on and off through the day. looks like a raw chilly day. if we're going to have orioles baseball, thursday and friday the optimal days. back to you.
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now to -- to democracy 2012 news, president obama and mitt romney face off in the first of three presidential debates. so, a lot of work, preparation has gone into the debate. what can we expect to see? >> reporter: kelly, this is a big moment. we know president obama and mitt romney have done their walkthroughs. now they're in the hotel getting ready. now we're down to the wire. here are a few things to keep in mind. first, how will the candidates stack up on the economy. it's a huge focus for tonight's debate and a major issue on the minds of voters. the president will argue his policies are working. mitt romney will point to his business experience. >> we can create a million new manufacturing jobs. >> reporter: can they accomplish
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their goals. the president needs to point to achievements and lay out a clear vision for what he would do with a second. for mitt romney he needs to appear presidential. voters need to look at him and say i can see you in commander in chief. >> the president's policies do not work. he doesn't get that. he doesn't understand that. >> reporter: equally important is handling what happens after. that's when both campaigns go into spin mode. vice-president joe biden will be speaking via video but, kelly, also team romney has people in place. they will be responding right after. >> lots have you different polls out this week. according to the latest polls who has the edge in the eyes of voters at this point? >> reporter: well, kelly, it
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seems like voters have higher expectations for president obama. this is a brand-new cn -- cnn/orc poll. advisers from both campaigns are giving us some insight on tonight. >> the winner is going to be declared by the american people based on what these two candidates say and who lays out a vision for the future. >> people believe the economy is bad but they're not blaming the president for s tonight governor romney, while standing face to face with president obama, has to connect those two things. >> reporter: and, kelly, that same poll shows the most important issue to these voters is the economy which really makes tonight must-see tv. >> definitely right about that thanks for that live report from denver. you can catch the first of the
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presidential debates. we're streaming it live at 9:00. millions of americans are dyslexic, meaning they can have trouble reading handwriting -- and writing. now they're working to help with the cost. abc2 news education reporter sherrie johnson has more on dyslexia month. >> reporter: all is quiet at the maryland golf and country club. it's part of theth -- 10th annual turnment a fund-raiser to offset expenses for students. >> our community has been very supportive. we have a unique mission where the kids come for a few years and transition back into a traditional schoolchildren. >> reporter: they serve children with dislex ya.
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the school offers everything from social studies to math, physical education and art. administrators say small class sizes are a must. >> it's pretty much ans. >> si call. it's a great group, but getting behind and helping kids basically be successful with their education desires, needs and goals is an easy thing to support you with. >> whether it's a gulf -- golf or tennis swing, they are working to provide a creditor for the saw its. >> the fund-raiser will be monday, october the 8th from 9:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night. all right. coming up all new mat 6:00, the governor has a new plan to hold power companies more accountable, but it could mean extra surcharges on your electric bill every month.
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>> and baltimore found the funds to keep 10 fire trucks runs. those stories and more coming up at 6.
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the dog gets out, gets hit by a carmt you never see her again. luckily for susie the poodle, the story didn't end that way. susie was hit by a driver going about 50 miles an hour in massachusetts. the driver didn't realize it and continued on the road for 11 miles when someone flagged him down. susie was stuck in the car's
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gri. they found the owner through the microchip. they couldn't believe what she went through. >> it's amazing. just amazing. >> susie is doing incredibly well. she's going to make it. in the grill for 11-miles. >> what a lucky pooch. all right. for all the old school o's fans, this is sweet. >> we have that story and whole lot more on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. the orioles are down to the last game of the regular season. we are live in tampa bay as the o's get ready to take on the


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